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Large (9.5") Male Figure (Unpainted)

Large (9.5") Male Figure (Unpainted)

90 USD
Large Male Bomb Suit figure unpainted with movable joints. Comes with one normal head showing the face. This item may require some sanding and primer to get a smooth clean finish prior to painting. Comes with one Yellow HME Jug and pressure plate. Picture posted above is an example of the model that will ship. This model is ready for you to get crafty with.

Figure Stands Approximately 9.5 Inches Tall!

Please be advised this item is considered a piece of fan art that may parody items manufactured by other companies. This is in no way meant to deface, discredit or take money away from the manufacturer of said items. This is not meant to be a production toy but a mere piece of ART. Please accept it for what it is and not read into it.